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Apart from the emphasis on product development, refinement and modification, Simab Resin views R&D as a key instrument of her business strategy.
In other words, technological innovation and new product development are considered as the underlying foundations for the firm’s future success.


With sustained growth as the fundamental ingredient of the firm’s long-term strategic mix, formulated to secure her survival, research and development is treated as an essential tool for our efforts directed at both market development and product development.
Marketing intelligence collected by sales engineers is systematically processed by the company’s research staff whose primary goal is to develop new and refined products to broaden the company’s existing product line.
Meanwhile, they are expected to support the efforts of the sates force at developing new markets for the existing products.
The R&D team closely collaborates with counterparts from a number of universities and research centers including the R&D center of Iranian industries the Polymer Engineering department of Amir Kabir University, Iranian Paint Research Institute and the Polymer Research institute.

انتشار سیماب رزین در صفحات اجتماعی
انتشار سیماب رزین در صفحات اجتماعی

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