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Welcome to Simabresin Company

Simab Resin manufacturing company was founded in 1987 with a corporate mission invariably designed to assure her position as an industry leader, catering for the requirements of a sophistical, multi-segment market for Acrylic resins. The company`s production facility, located in Kaveh Industrial Estate and within a radius of 120 Km. From Tehran, is strategically situated for convenient access to major trade highways within the country and to transit routes leading to the Persian Gulf states, the CIS countries ,Middle east and Europe. Highly skilled and dynamic engineering staffs closed interact, within an intricate ISO 9000 prescribed quality assurance system, with their counterparts from the administrative and customer support departments in an effort to achieve the company`s overriding goal, i.e. customer satisfaction. With an annual production capacity of 5000 metric tons, Simab Resin`s extensive product line covers a wide range of applications including pigment printing, non-woven textiles, construction &industrial paints, pressure-sensitive adhesives, leather, finishing and several other, more specialized applications. Since inception, Simab Resin has enjoyed a phenomenal growth rate which has been maintained through her commitment to customer satisfaction, the latest technology at her disposal and above all, through the ceaseless effort and contributions of a diligent and dedicated labor force-both blue and white collar-which has established itself, beyond every doubt, as the company most valuable asset. Product Policy: With acrylic polymers widely acclaimed as an environmentally-friendly material, the drive to substitute it for hazardous products virtually becomes a token of our social responsibility. Where the end-product is intended for personal use as is, for instance the case of non-woven textiles, the introduction of Acrylic is formally prescribed as human hygiene remedy. The added advantage of Acrylic Emulsions versus solvent-based resins lies in the fact that the carrier of the solid content is needed water rather that a chemical substance which would take years to dissolve in nature. As an essential feature of her marketing policy, Simab Resin regularly participates in regional and international trade fairs including the “Middle East & coatings Show" annually held in UAE.

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Apart from the emphasis on product development, refinement and modification, Simab Resin views R&D as a key instrument of her business strategy. In other words, technological innovation and new product development are considered as the underlying foundations for the firm’s future success. Quite apparently, this considerable technological skill, forecasting expertise and the ability to transform basic innovation into commercially successful products. With sustained growth as the fundamental ingredient of the firm`s long-term strategic mix, formulated to secure her survival, research and development is treated as an essential tool for our efforts directed at both market development and product development. Marketing intelligence collected by sales engineers is systematically processed by the company`s research staff whose primary goal is to develop new and refined products to broaden the company`s existing product line. Meanwhile, they are expected to support the efforts of the sates force at developing new markets for the existing products. A number of energetic university graduates from the R&D team at Simab Resin whose marketing-oriented approach ha gained the same customer appeal as the company`s product support services. The R&D team closely collaborates with counterparts from a number of universities and research centers including the R&D center of Iranian industries the Polymer Engineering department of Amir Kabir University, Iranian Paint Research Institute and the Polymer Research institute. Simab Resin has also been awarded the R&D certificate bye the Minis by of Industry &, Mines.

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The sales function at Simab Resin is organized along product management divisions rather than brand management or geographical divisions. Each division is structurally autonomous and is responsible for an individual, specialized market segment. Sales engineers in charge of each division perform a variety of functions including sales promotion, distribution of product literature and marketing research. They also attend to customer enquiries, participate in sales negotiations and generally supervise order processing. the current organization chart depicts seven operating product management divisions as follows: 1. Pigment printing polymers and co-polymers originally developed for application in textile industry. 2. Leathers finishing polymers and synthetic tanning agent. 3. Pressure-sensitive adhesives. 4. Emulsion and solvent-based resins primarily processed for a variety of application paint, road and traffic marking paints, coatings for household appliances, ABS, etc. 5. Non-woven textile processing resins. 6. Wall-paper shades and blinds treatment resins. 7. New and tailor-made resins developed for customized applications, printing inks, frocking, thickeners and viscosity enhancing agents. MARKETING PHILOSOPHY: During their early initiation period into the company`s service , sales engineers are encouraged to adopt a marketing , orientation and preoccupy themselves with the customer`s needs. The marketing attitude at Simab Resin signifies that a customer`s needs are not satisfied by the product alone but also by a whole cluster of value satisfactions associated with creating, delivering and finally consuming the product. As a truly customer-oriented firm, Simab Resin tried to create value satisfying goods that customers would prefer to buy. What we are anxious to provide is not only the generic product but how, when under what conditions and under what terms of trade it is made available to the customer , so that the product finally becomes a consequence of the total marketing effort.

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