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Simab Resin manufacturing company was founded in 1987 with a corporate mission invariably designed to assure her position as an industry leader, catering for the requirements of a sophistical, multi-segment market for Acrylic resins. The company`s production facility, located in Kaveh Industrial Estate and within a radius of 120 Km. From Tehran, is strategically situated for convenient access to major trade highways within the country and to transit routes leading ... [More detail]

Apart from the emphasis on product development, refinement and modification, Simab Resin views R&D as a key instrument of her business strategy. In other words, technological innovation and new product development are considered as the underlying foundations for the firm’s future success. Quite apparently, this considerable technological skill, forecasting expertise ... [More detail]

The sales function at Simab Resin is organized along product management divisions rather than brand management or geographical divisions. Each division is structurally autonomous and is responsible for an individual, specialized market segment. Sales engineers in charge of each division perform a variety of functions including sales promotion, distribution of product ... [More detail]

Quality Management :
As the leading supplier of acrylic emulsion and solvent-based resins in Iran, Simab Resin has been duly recognized as ISO 9002 registered firm to whom the first certificate ...
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