Manufacturer of Acrylic Resins

About & History

Simab Resin manufacturing company was founded in 1987 with a corporate mission invariably designed to assure her position as an industry leader, catering for the requirements of a sophistical, multi-segment market for Acrylic resins. The company’s production facility, located in Kaveh Industrial Estate and within a radius of 120 Km. From Tehran, is strategically situated for convenient access to major trade highways within the country and to transit routes leading to the Persian Gulf states, the CIS countries ,Middle east and Europe.


Highly skilled and dynamic engineering staffs closed interact, within an intricate ISO 9000 prescribed quality assurance system, with their counterparts from the administrative and customer support departments in an effort to achieve the company’s overriding goal, i.e. customer satisfaction. With an annual production capacity of 15000 metric tons, Simab Resin’s extensive product line covers a wide range of applications including pigment printing, non-woven textiles, construction &industrial paints, pressure-sensitive adhesives, leather, finishing and several other, more specialized applications.

Since inception, Simab Resin has enjoyed a phenomenal growth rate which has been maintained through her commitment to customer satisfaction, the latest technology at her disposal and above all, through the ceaseless effort and contributions of a diligent and dedicated labor force-both blue and white collar-which has established itself, beyond every doubt, as the company most valuable asset.

 Product Policy:
With acrylic polymers widely acclaimed as an environmentally-friendly material, the drive to substitute it for hazardous products virtually becomes a token of our social responsibility. Where the end-product is intended for personal use as is, for instance the case of non-woven textiles, the introduction of Acrylic is formally prescribed as human hygiene remedy. The added advantage of Acrylic Emulsions versus solvent-based resins lies in the fact that the carrier of the solid content is needed water rather that a chemical substance which would take years to dissolve in nature.

As an essential feature of her marketing policy, Simab Resin regularly participates in regional and international trade fairs including the “Middle East & coatings Show” annually held in UAE.

Our Missions & Vision

One of our most important responsibilities is to introduce and replace our water based acrylic resin with harmful materials consumption because of their nature friendly. Therefore one of our main goals is maintain customer satisfaction,product quality, innovation and produce new productst to keep pace with today's knowledge.

About Water Base aceylic resins

Acrylic resins are a group of related Thrmoplastic or tehrmosetting plastic substances derived from acrylic acid, Methacrylic acid or other related compounds.Polymethyl acrylate is an acrylic resin used in an emulsified form for,textile finishes, adhesives and, when mixed with clay, to gloss paper. Acrylic resin is a common ingredient in latex paint (UK: “emulsion paint”). Interior and exterior latex paints with a greater proportion of acrylic resin, versus vinyl, offer better stain protection, greater water resistance, better adhesion, greater resistance to cracking and blistering, and resistance to alkali cleansers. Acrylic resin is considered extremely weatherproof