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Simab Resin Company with more than 3 decades of experience in the polymer industry.

About Simab Resin Industrial Co.

Simab Resin Company, one of the largest producers of water-based emulsion acrylic resins in Iran, started its activity in 1368, this company started its growth and development process in the 70s by producing resins for the textile industry, and now after more than 30 years of work and activity has been able to cover many downstream industries and supply and produce the resins needed by these industries. Among these important industries, we can mention pressure-sensitive living adhesives, paint and construction, leather, tile and ceramic, water treatment, detergent, etc.

With a production capacity of more than 8,000 tons per year, Simab Resin has always tried to use modern technical knowledge and accurately identify the needs of the country’s industries, respond to them in a completely innovative and creative way, and contribute to the country’s self-sufficiency as much as possible.

Now with more than 200 products with various applications in sensitive and important industries of the country, we are proud to adhere to its quality and stability over time with advanced production facilities, modern laboratory equipment and expert and professional human resources. We also consider it our honor to produce high quality products that can compete with our foreign samples.

The stability of quality is not only a value and slogan of our organization, but the presence of customers with more than 25 years of cooperation is a proof that we adhere to this importance in practice.

Simab Resin, as a leading production unit in the emulsion acrylic resins market, has also been present in the world arena and by exporting to more than 10 countries, it has taken steps to gain currency and export the Iranian industry to other countries.

The quality of our products is competitive with regional competitors and we have been able to prove this quality globally.

We are proud to always be present in the country’s domestic market with our constant passion and determination, in the direction of national production, creating employment, meeting domestic needs and meeting the needs of customers by maintaining and improving the quality of Simab resin products and providing consulting services to customers.

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