Growing Green
in Your Life With Us

The world is changing and the consumption of eco-friendly resins is increasing, recent global regulations and changes in consumer expectations have increased the importance of transitioning from carbon-based products to eco-friendly products. It is the responsibility of manufacturers to focus on green business at all levels of technology and production.


The meaning of the term “environmentally friendly” in the field of coatings and consequently resins has evolved over the years, initially, the goal was to prevent or reduce pollution, while today it is considered at every stage from production to the end of the product’s life.


At Simab Resin, we believe that today’s needs should be met without jeopardizing the needs of future generations, and we always strive to protect human health and the environment by introducing and producing water-based and environmentally friendly products. Implemented at Simab Resin Factory to date and the actions planned for the future, support the “Environment Protection” strategy.


With continuous development of environmentally friendly paints and coatings, improved processes, focus on employee health and safety, as well as powerful research and development, we contribute to the protection of the environment. We also plan to manage water consumption in the production process. Simab resin products are among the priorities of this company.