Resin export

What is Resin?

Resin is a type of viscous material in nature, and manufacturers have been able to mass produce its synthetic type in factories based on its natural formulation. This product is a type of polymer that is initially supplied as a liquid, but through interactions it becomes a hard and impenetrable material.

How is the resin export market?

Resin export is one of the important economic markets of the country, which has a high economic power to earn foreign exchange. Today, the resin industry has entered a successful and profitable environment that can allocate about 120 industrial units annually. As far as our country can produce about 750 thousand tons of resins annually.

صادرات رزین به کشور

What is the amount and level of the countries' need for resin?

Currently, the information and names of 100 countries in need and importers of industrial resins in the whole world have been registered by the specialized commercial consulting center, which has detailed information about the amount and level of resin needed by each of these countries.

Iran is one of the largest resin exporting countries in the world

As a resin exporting country, Iran has so far been able to export resin to countries such as Armenia, Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Africa, Russia, India, China, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. These countries have been registered in Iran’s specialized commercial center. For example, Iran has trade agreements with more than 25 production companies, including Simab Resin Company in Iran, for the export of resin.

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Using resin in different industries

The use of resin in the textile industry, glue (pressure sensitive adhesives), paper industry, leather industry, paint and construction industry, water and sewage treatment industry, printing and packaging industry, industrial ceramic tiles, sealants and can covers, carpets Moldable for cars, fiberglass, wood, making sculptures, making all kinds of artificial stones, as well as producing sanitary and decorative items and thousands of other uses, it has attracted the attention of many factories and production centers. This product is offered with different brands in the world market, which are categorized according to their quality and application.

Export of resin is subject to export duties

The type of quality of all types of resins, from PVC resin to alkyd, acrylic, polyurethane, phenolic resins and saturated polyesters, etc., have a significant reputation in the world market as a high-quality product. But the important thing is that the export of resin is also subject to export duties in addition to this amount of variety and welcome to leave the customs. That is, every resin producing company has to pay an amount as taxes and fees for exiting the border to the commercial organization and the customs body of the country to export its product. Of course, it should be mentioned that this commercial law includes all countries. And the course of its steps and obtaining its legal permits is an obvious matter for other merchants and producers in the world and an accepted and natural issue. However, the amount of customs and taxes is different in each country, and the type of product also plays a role in the pricing of duties.

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Countries interested in resin industry

Today, the export of resin by using various epoxy and industrial resins has attracted the attention of countries such as Armenia, Kazakhstan, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, South Africa, Kenya, Turkey, Afghanistan, America, Pakistan, Taiwan, Italy, and Germany. and attract France as well.

Resin and its importance

Resin is an industrial and widely used product that is also found in nature and is used in the production of hard and durable products due to its high diversity and abundance. The global acceptance of this product has made many businessmen introduce and supply this product to the global market at the micro and macro levels. Also, the entry of foreign currency into the country through the export of resin has attracted the attention of many economists. The Iran Business Advisory Center has so far registered a very large number of companies that accept the export of Iranian resin, including Simab Resin. This issue shows the power of quality and quality of our country’s production market.

Mercury resin and resin export market

We at Simab Resin Company believe that in order to be present in the international markets and export Iranian products, all international standards must be observed in order to take a significant share of the resin market with a strong presence in the global competitive markets. An exporting company can have a say in the international arena when it considers the expectations of export customers from the selection of raw materials, research and development, production, packaging and shipping, expert advice and after-sales service.

We are proud that during the past years, by exporting high-quality water-based acrylic and polyurethane resins, excellent packaging and short delivery time, we have been able to increase the credibility of Iranian products in the market in addition to satisfying the customers of the global market.

Until now, water-based acrylic and polyurethane resins have been exported to African, Asian and European countries, and the team of Simab resin professionals is always working to expand the global market share.

We at Simab Resin welcome any kind of request for cooperation, representation and joint business in the international arena. To communicate with Simab Resin experts and receive advice on resin export, please contact the Export Unit of Simab Resin Company.