Social responsibility of Simab Resin Company

1. Training of engineers and specialists in the resin industry

During the years of its activity, Simab Resin Company has trained specialists by attracting graduates from prestigious universities of the country and by facilitating the process of improving the knowledge of loved ones in the form of internships or cooperation, and in this way, to the growth and promotion of the basic resin industry. Blue has helped a lot.


2. Production of bio-friendly products

All products of Simab Resin Company are blue-based acrylic resins. These products have been bio-friendly and considering that they are water-based, they are very compatible with the human and animal environment and do not cause any danger to the environment. Blue-based acrylic products are known as green products and exist in different food categories and are used in food packaging.

3. Cooperation with research and academic centers

Simab Resin Company has had close and comprehensive cooperation with academic and research centers in the field of polymer and resin. These collaborations have taken place in the form of providing laboratory raw materials needed by these centers, technological collaborations, exchange of technical and specialized knowledge, acceptance of chemical engineering and polymer engineering trainees, etc.

4. Entrepreneurship

Since its establishment, Simab Resin Company has been operating as a private company in the form of special shares. During these years, a number of engineers and specialists in the fields of polymer engineering and chemical engineering or related fields have been working in this company and have earned money and experience. The shareholders of the company and its board of directors have always made employment creation and entrepreneurship their intellectual basis for the management of the company.

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