Management Messages

Respected manufacturers and business partners of SIMAB RESIN

With nearly three decades of activity in the blue-based acrylic resin production industry, Simab Resin Company has always tried to play the role of a business partner as a technical consultant alongside its customers by improving its technical knowledge and using the latest technologies. .

Considering our values ​​that we deeply believe in, we are trying to solve some of the possible problems in their production lines and improve their productivity by providing expert advice to our customers and business partners and improving their technical knowledge.

One of our main concerns to respond to the needs of the market and our business partners is production based on their needs. Customizing our routine products based on the needs of their production lines is one of our strengths. Many products of Simab Resin have been developed and produced through accurate identification of customer needs and also constructive and strong interaction with them. Our customers have always been by our side and our source of inspiration.

In order to achieve consulting-oriented sales and provide specialized consulting as well as production based on the needs of each customer, we are equipped with technical knowledge and dedicated and specialized forces who are with our dear customers with full seriousness and deep belief in Simab’s values. The institutionalized knowledge in the company, along with the commitment of our colleagues, is our main asset, which has resulted in the stability of the quality of our products in this industry.

The vision of Simab Resin is not just more production and sales, gaining customer satisfaction and creating a pleasant experience of working with us is and will be one of the main goals of the company’s managers and employees.

We are producers ourselves and we have well understood the concerns and problems of a producer in the country. We know very well how important a reliable and expert supplier can be next to a manufacturer. May we have answered some of your concerns.

Wishing more and more success for the powerful producers of this region


پیام مدیریت